About us

We are an experience design and production agency. Rooted in cognitive psychology, we mix the latest insights in human sensemaking with the storytelling and creative use of media technology.

Imagineering is the fine art of crafting the visitors’ experience. With a team of around forty consultants, designers, content developers and producers, we search for the meaning in the message, invent the unexpected and deliver uplifting moments for your audiences.


June 1991. As students of cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence, we were asked to build an exhibition about our subject matter at a university science fair. For three weeks, we tinkered, screwed and imitated robotic voices, and the result was uber cool: a life-size computer with emotions, voices and deviant behaviour. At that moment we didn’t know a thing like that is called an exhibit.

In fact, this very first contraption contained everything we are doing today. Almost twenty-five years later, we still build communication machines and environments, are inspired by expressive design, and find ways to implement state-of-the-art technology.

Because of our knowledge of cognitive processes, we know very well how to colour content and balance stories. We have applied this knowledge in many historical, scientific and commercial experience projects.

As a result of our own education, we realised that many experience projects gain communicative power by addressing more than just the mind. The whole range of human experiences, ranging from the coarsest bodily sensations to the most subtle states of awareness, can be used to reach people. 

We are committed to this extended approach to experience design and apply it in our work. As a result, we deliver innovative productions that are as spectacular as they are interesting and inspiring. We know how to turn a topic inside out, and have the public enjoy the contents. The greatest job in the world.

inspiring books


Experience design originated from the entertainment industry, focusing on primitive sensations and one dimensional storytelling. But there is so much more to it. Expanding the spectrum to all levels of human awareness results in experiences that are spectacular, interesting and meaningful at the same time.

Our clients have big ideas in mind, aimed at making the world a healthier, prettier or more sensible place to live in. We bet yours are too! Our expanded approach to experience design is the perfect way to bring your moonshots to life. Addressing body, mind, heart and soul.


For decades, communication professionals based their efforts on flatland notions about the way the human mind functions. Trying to seduce them by using sensual shapes, to persuade them by force of arguments or simply to overwhelm them with as many stimuli as possible.

These techniques turned out to be inadequate. Most experience design is meant to be intens, yet at the same time quite superficial. Classic story-telling techniques, on the other hand, address the intellect, yet in this day and age are unable to draw and hold attention for long.

Contemporary experience design combines the best of both worlds. On the one hand, we start from the assumption that the public is made up of complex, multi-dimensional people, who have the same dreams, fears and longing as we do. This starting point may seem obvious, yet it is seldom applied in communication projects.

On the other hand, we are convinced that everyone is soulful and that people are looking for inspirational experiences. By addressing people at their individual level of aspiration, we help them to catch glimpses of twhat the world might look like.

Contemporary experience design is dedicated to connecting people at this level. This is extremely useful to spread the ideas of our times, that is to say, the solutions that will make the world a healthier, more beautiful or more sensible place. For the motivation to become aware of these solutions, to ponder on them and to enjoy them, is present in all of us. The challenge is to give it a jolt.

At Tinker, we are specialised in this new type of experience design. Our criterion for success is whether the experience has resulted in a lasting change in the target audience, whether it is a changed attitude towards a topic, a new interest in a story or an open mind to meeting someone new. Whenever that happens, regardless of the scale, it's a celebration.

inspiring books

  • ideas that changed the world

    felipe fernandez armesto

  • the barbarians

    allesandro barrico

  • spiral dynamics

    don beck and christopher cowan

  • imaginization

    gareth morgan

  • een nieuwe kijk op de experience economy

    albert boswijk, thomas thijssen and ed peelen (only in dutch)


Imagineering is the fine art of crafting the visitors’ experience. There are so many great ideas, feelings and dreams floating around, looking for hearts and minds to inhabit. They knock on the many doors of perception. The trick is to provide the right keys. Which keys belong to yours?

Activation is an inner game. Moving audiences with stories the world really needs. Starting with the senses, moving up through the mind and finally entering our essence. For there is no greater change agent than an inspired person.


“Many people and almost all organisations separate inspiration from practice. As if there were two separate divisions: dreams versus actions. Or enjoying yourself versus working hard. This distinction is artificial. There is an uninterrupted line from the inspired state to the practical state. By following the track from inspiration to practice and back, you can tap a new source of creativity. It is a natural, elementary activity. ” — Stan Boshouwers, Handboek voor Hemelbestormers

During the first years of tinker imagineers, we studied psychology while creating products together with artists, media designers and designers. At that time, we came to an important realisation: creative thinking techniques that are common in psychology are completely unknown in the world of design. Even the most successful creatives did not use these psychological techniques. They were not even aware of their existence.

Based on this discovery, we developed a technique for natural creation, and we called it Imagineering. This way of working stands in a long tradition, raised by Walt Disney to give shape to his own lands and world. In the 21st century Imagineering as a design principle set foot in Europe, with a renewed emphasis on meaning, human perception and personal experience.

In the course of some simple steps, an analysis is made, an image is created, and a spark is kindled. This spark turns into a field in which all elements of the original problem have become part of the solution. What remains is the execution, an important part of the process. Creative thinking is going up and down this ladder.

Imagineering results in specific creative products:

- content and form are one
- all elements of the problem are elements of the solution
- the whole human experience is addressed
- stories have more of an impact and stay with the audience for a longer period of time
- the nature of the experience is enriched

We apply our knowledge to create extraordinary experience projects. The process involves our clients and our studio as well as the wide circle of creatives and technicians we work with. Eventually it reaches the audience we want to address. Because they deploy their own creative activity: embracing a new idea, a new flavour or a new understanding.

inspiring books

  • handboek voor hemelbestormers

    stan boshouwers (only in Dutch)

  • imagineering

    diane nijs en frank peters (only in Dutch)

  • de imagineer

    gabrielle kuiper en bert smit (only in Dutch)

  • 'imagineering'

    walt disney


creative consultancy

Co-creative processes bring people together and result in shared visions. We develop concepts, or help you doing that by organising brainstorm sessions and creative conferences. In addition, we provide business strategies that enable you to implement your vision. To this end, we produce concept presentations, bid books and master plans in any way, shape or form.

experience design

Our studio team loves to mix up spatial, theatrical, multimedia and storytelling techniques, to hit your target audience right between the eyes. Free style thinkers and doers with a keen interest in the latest media technology, communication styles and graphics. Resulting in smashing designs for immersive environments.

production management

Together with you we turn conceptual dreams into reality. We do production design, project management and turnkey deliveries. With over twenty years of knowledge about the structure of magic, we know every step of the process, even in the most challenging conditions. Arriving at state of the art installations, spaces and (brand) experience centres.