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20 centuries of history in the heart of the netherlands

No other spot in the Netherlands can match the history of the Domplein in Utrecht. If is faced with only one problem: a major part of this history is under the ground and literally passed over by everyone. Domplein Initiative unlocks this history in a grandiose project. As part of a long-range plan, people are literally digging through layers of time in different parts of the square: from the present, through the Middle Ages down to the Roman Era. In this way, a past that was hidden for centuries comes to light.

Tinker has designed the visitor experience underground. Following in the footsteps of the archeologists, you step down in time by the light of your own flashlight. This light is used to activate walls, findings and stories. In this way, you become a party to everything that has happened here. Going back in time until you come face to face with the Roman headquarters: the birth of Utrecht. One step closer to understanding the history of the country you find yourself in.

  • client domplein initiative
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  • in cooperation with jddv architecten
  • short films polygram produkties
  • furniture construction retera
  • audio visuals hulskamp
  • 3D visuals jan de rode and daan cleassen
  • light advice and installation puikprodukties
  • soundscape av studio rockfish
  • photography mike bink, raymond rutting, anna van kooij