fortress pannerden

gemeente lingewaard


brave the elements, conquer the fortress

The Pannerden Fortress is not taken lightly. That’s its charm, it is waiting to be discovered. Starting with the journey out – on foot, by bicycle or across the water – through unspoilt nature. Once you’re inside, the gigantic fortress opens up to you, with all of its corridors and secret stories. Tinker came up with an overall concept for experiencing the Pannerden Fortress. A new identity, with four different adventurous tracks, challenging visitors to battle the elements.

Braving the elements, that’s what it’s all about. An authentic story about earth, water, air, and fire, that fits in seamlessly with the history of the fortress and its strategic location as part of the New Dutch Water Line. Whether you choose Expedition Pannerden, Elements – The Real Life Game, Fortress of Sounds, or Tall Tales, the loot will always contain a host of experiences and anecdotes. Once you’re on the top of the fortress, you can proudly say that you have conquered the Pannerden Fortress! 

  • client gemeente lingewaard
  • year 2016
  • www
  • concept and experience design tinker imagineers
  • architecture and restauration hylkema consultants
  • decor construction bruns
  • technical advise puik produkties
  • film calling the shots
  • real life game vegt & frabsnap
  • sound and voice-over most
  • translations language lab
  • photography mike bink, duncan de fey