maison cailler -
the swiss chocolate factory

maison cailler


a brand new experience with chocolate on top

Visiting a chocolate factory is surely every chocolate lover’s dream! In the Swiss village of Broc, you can do just that. That’s why Maison Cailler, the home base of the legendary chocolate brand by the same name, draws over 400,000 visitors a year. Tinker’s renovation assignment was to improve the brand experience, both in the realisation and on the content level. So we reduced the wait by introducing the Choco guide, a smart audio system in eight languages. And we turned ‘waiting’ into ‘anticipating’, with a quiz and a spectacular multi-media show.

Visitors are taken on a journey, from cocoa plantation to chocolate sampling. Real chocolate professionals talk about their work: the farmers, the driver, the buyer, the product developer. Life-size animations and unique glimpses of the factory bring science and the magic of chocolate-making even closer. A crash course in chocolate tasting completes the trip.
We took care of the initial analysis, came up with the concept and design, and supervised the realisation, always in close cooperation with the enthusiastic people at Cailler’s.

  • client maison cailler
  • year 2015
  • www
  • concept, design and productionmangement tinker imagineers
  • set construction bruns
  • av mansveld
  • audioguide guide id
  • video mapping mr. beam
  • photography mike bink