museum rotterdam
'40-'45 nu

museum rotterdam '40-'45 nu


Resilient Rotterdam

A touchscreen table in the middle of Museum Rotterdam ’40-’45 NU. Visitors take a seat and the lights go down. Pictures of Rotterdam landmarks are projected onto a 360 degrees 3D wall. The cityscape fades into characteristic footage of 1940 Rotterdam. Anna is sowing a wedding dress, the Smits’ girl gets little clogs from her boyfriend, and Toos is doing the books at Verkade’s.

Suddenly, we hear cello music, the air raid sirens sound, engines roar in the distance. Bombers come from all sides, bombs crash in a deafening roar. The raging inferno eats its way through the buildings. People are screaming. Left between the rubble: little clogs, a biscuit tin, the dress on the stairs.

Visitors experience the force of the Rotterdam Blitz of 14 May 1940. And the resilience of the city that survived.

  • client museum rotterdam '40-'45 nu
  • year 2015
  • storytelling and design experience tinker imagineers
  • spatial and graphic design opera amsterdam
  • educational program studio louter
  • av vhs
  • photography mike bink